Recurring Events

Tea & Talk
Thursdays, 4 – 6 p.m.

Tea & Talk is an event dedicated to sharing and learning about Chinese culture.

Chinese Language Practice – BTOY! Bring Your Own Toy
Fridays, 4 – 6 p.m.

BYOT! is a learning meet-up for anyone interested in learning or improving their Mandarin Chinese language skills. Many studies show that learning a language is best achieved by immersing one’s self in a language environment. This meetup is Chinese language only, but it is for all levels, from no experience to native speakers.

Bring a “toy”, any favorite item of reasonable size, that will be a conversation focus. Learn about your item, how to describe it, use it and share it with others. Everyone will teach about their toy and learn about others’ toys. This is a “learn from everyone” group. The Confucius Institute is not liable for loss, breakage or damage of personal items. All items must be family-safe and family-friendly.

Remember, no English is spoken by anyone. Use actions, gestures and as a last resort, write it down on paper.

Past Events

2017 Spring Festival Gala

The 2017 Confucius Institute Spring Festival Gala was held at the Fort Collins Lincoln Center in celebration of the Lunar New Year. Guests enjoyed traditional musical performances by artists from Southwest University School of Music (China) and the CSU School of Music.




2016 Spring Festival Gala

The Confucius Institute 2016 Spring Festival Gala was held in celebration of the Lunar New Year. Musical performances, with traditional Chinese instruments like the cucurbit flute, the pipa and the zither, by artists from China and the University of Northern Colorado were enjoyed by guests at the gala.


mid autumn2015 Mid-Autumn Festival

Colorado State University hosted an on-campus Mid-Autumn Festival event as part of the worldwide celebration of Confucius Institute Day. Organized by the Confucius Institute at Colorado State University, attendees sampled food, participated in games and watched traditional Chinese performances. Members of CSU’s Chinese Club and Chinese Students & Scholars Association helped to run the event, September 26, 2015.


301023_Chinese-New-Year-1280-720.indd2015 Spring Festival

The 2015 Spring Festival featured performances by local and international Chinese artists and singers.





Colloquial2014 International Colloquium on Future Earth

The Confucius Institute at Colorado State University was proud to be a host of the 2014 International Colloquium on Global Environmental Sustainability. The campus-wide International Colloquium took place on October 6-8 at the Lory Student Center. The three-day event featured 11 panel sessions designed to give students, faculty, staff and the public a better understanding of global environmental sustainability and the link between society, economics and the environment.