CICSU hosts presentation on traditional Chinese architecture and ethnic design

design-1On November 28th, the Confucius Institute at Colorado State University sponsored speakers from Hunan University to give presentations about traditional Chinese architecture and ethnic design. The talks took place at the Morgan Library Event Hall and were well attended by CSU students and faculty along with people from the Fort Collins community. The talks included magnificent photography and music from remote and culturally rich areas of China – representing some of the 56 Chinese ethnic groups; Han, Mongol, Tibet, and a few less-known groups located in the South of China.

Dr. Liu and Ms. Li presented traditional Chinese architecture taking the listener on a journey though the history and regional characteristics of Chinese architecture including government and social structures, temples and mosques, and homes.

Drs. He and Ji presented on ethnic design of the Dong ethnic group in the south of China. The focus of the talk was to present ways for rural mi norities to maintain their traditional designs and handicrafts by applying them to modern usages, such as traditional brocade used to make modern purses, or household items that can be given a modern usage.